Improving performance, 1% at a time

Improve by 1% today, and every day

The real power of the incremental 1% improvement programme is that it combines professional executive coaching with an individually tailored approach to produce realistically attainable and eminently measureable results.

At Go1Better™, we start by identifying the strengths of leaders, managers, and their organisations, and then develop them further to maximise skillsets and other business-critical qualities.

Go1Better Improving performance, 1% at a time

Case Study

“In 2007, the All Blacks wanted to improve upon their winning ratio of 75%. Using a similar 1% incremental performance programme, they decided that instead of aiming for an 80% winning ratio, they would strive to improve 10 things by 1%. This resulted in the team attaining an incredible winning ratio of over 90%!”

Upping the performance of individuals and their organisations

It is estimated that the underperformance of leaders and managers can cost organisations as much as €1 million annually.

However, the situation can be averted by encouraging key personnel to participate in one of the incremental improvement programmes regularly conducted by Go1Better™. Because when the performance of individuals is improved, the overall performance of their organisations is similarly enhanced.

During workshops and coaching sessions, leaders and managers will be inspired to become more autonomous, more holistic in their development, and more of a benefit to their employers.

Case Study

“As a global car manufacturer, Toyota was an early adopter of the 1% incremental improvements mantra. The company first applied the approach to their business processes, before rolling it out to include all levels within the company. Toyota found that not only were their people more empowered, the performance of the organisation as a whole was greatly enhanced.”

Setting future business strategies in motion

At Go1Better™, we consult, design and deliver bespoke group workshops and 1:1 executive coaching sessions to empower business leaders and managers to take themselves, and their organisations, to a higher level of performance.

We identify an organisation’s challenges and pain points and put them under a microscope to determine how best to design an interactive workshop around them and their company’s specific needs using the 1% daily incremental improvement programme.

Some of the evidence-based areas covered in workshops include building awareness of individual and team strengths; developing high performance teams; learning to perform under pressure; and fostering a solution-focused mindset.

Case Study

“Dyson is famous the world over for developing some of the most inspired and innovative vacuum cleaners, hair and hand dryers, even lighting systems. But did you know that it took the company an astounding 5,127 prototypes before they felt confident enough to put their first vacuum cleaner into full production? Similar to the 1% incremental improvement model, Dyson technicians patiently and methodically evolved the design from the bottom up until they were satisfied it couldn’t be improved any further.”

Improving performance, 1% at a time

Our service revolves around you

As the Director of Go1Better™, Michael Mulligan blends a wealth of financial services experience with the latest coaching techniques to empower leaders, managers and their organisations to improve their performance from good to great.

His bespoke workshops are designed to create high performing teams, enable professionals to identify their own solutions, and facilitate organisational and individual progression using Go1Better’s unique 1% incremental improvement programme.

Central to this approach is identifying individuals’ strengths and skills and using these as the foundation on which to build.


Improving performance, 1% at a time

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